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Software Development

Microtech IT Systems PVT LTD- Source for Software Development, Programming Services and Support. We bring over fifteen years of expertise in Internet, Distributed Applications, Oracle and SQL Database modeling, and User Interface design.

Distributed Software Applications

Client-server based Applications

To form a core of today's need for business applications, Every desktop computer and server becomes part of an integrated set of applications that facilitate operations within an organization. Today, competitive businesses have to select the best technologies and software to integrate business systems across heterogeneous networks of PCs, mainframes and servers.

Web Applications

The world is being small with World Wide Web. Integration of different fractions of one module at one place is facilitates both enterprise and customer.

User Interface design

A well designed GUI makes software much faster and easier to use, and reduces training needs.

Good GUI design is hard. It requires complete knowledge of the underlying system, a working knowledge of every task on that system coming from interviews with users and system designers, network and system design skills, and a good background with GUI design tools.To make a proper interface the developer has to go through the whole system & know how the end user is facing with the system. We do that by regular meetings with the customer. We keep in mind the whole configuration of system and its users at each critical stage and make interface according the need at different levels.