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Quality Policy


Microtech attempts to be in forefront of information technology industry by continuously scanning the environment and creating the need for innovative solutions that it can offer ahead of competition with keeping in mind quality initiatives for different faces of products and projects.


  • Microtech would identify at least three ERP-based applications to offer innovative solutions to their existing client base of Government, semi-Government, civic bodies and other institutions.
  • Microtech would formulate a realistic model and methodology for assessing degree of public satisfaction through implementation of e-Governance solutions by its clients.
  • Microtech would assist its clients to formulate a realistic model and methodology for effectiveness of e-Governance solutions in terms of higher revenue collection, reduction of tax collection costs and better service provision for public at large.
  • Microtech would establish and achieve benchmarks for response time for product and customer support activities.
  • Microtech would achieve minimum of 98% uptime of computer systems (hardware, software and web enabled infrastructure) supplied/ installed/ maintained operated at the clients premises.
  • Microtech would achieve zero level of non-conformity in respect of product specifications, scheduled deliveries, installations and customers support programs.
  • Microtech would achieve employee turn-over below 15% during first year of employment and would introduce job enlargement and job rotation practices for enhancement of employee satisfaction.


Our policy is that we will endeavor to ensure our products and services meet the requirements of customers at all times such that the profitability targets of the company are achieved or exceeded.

The company will continuously work with its customers to strive for improvements in quality, and all staff will have a positive commitment to quality, responding quickly and effectively to achieve the performance standards required.


Microtech is committed to comply with the requirements of quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness.